Our Story

United Dental Labs was founded by Dominic DeLapa in 1923, with the mission to provide careful attention, best practices, high standards, effective communication, and supportive services to every clinician who chooses our restorations. His son Richard, a Maxillofacial Surgeon, became President of the laboratory in the late 1960’s. R.J, Diane, John, and Joanne joined the family business in the early 1980’s. Today, United Dental Labs still remains in the family with R.J. DeLapa at the helm as President.

United Dental Labs uses esthetically skilled technicians, the finest materials and processes, and the newest technological advances to support the success of dental practices throughout the United States. We are dedicated to providing our loyal clients with the quality and efficiency they have come to expect from our labs. When you choose United, you can rest assured that your prescription is accurately read and followed. We use the highest quality materials and rigorous guidelines in the fabrication of all our restorations.

Our Mission Statement

Our Promise, Since 1923, is to deliver consistent restorations with technology, accuracy, reliability and service.